Past President of the Wyckoff, N.J. Garden Club, recipient of many flower arranging awards, her home-grown dried flower creations have graced the White House from Carter through G.W. Bush. In addition, she has appeared on 29 TV shows and has been featured in dozens of national magazines.

  • "The beautiful flower arrangements are wonderful complements to the decor of the White House"- Bill Clinton, The White House
  • "Your work is unbelievably beautiful!!"- Barbara Bush, The White House
  • "Your creations bring special joy to all who are fortunate enough to see them"- Nancy Reagan, The White House
  • "Her work is most extraordinary and her personality dynamic."- Friends of Horticulture. Somserset County Park Comm.
  • "Cathy Miller is New Jersey's answer to Martha Stewart, at least when it comes to arranging dried flowers." -N.J. Monthly Magazine